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22.01.2014 posted by hYpeZz
»  Seeking for streamer/shoutcaster

Do you like to stream League of Legends? Do you want to stream matches of the best teams in Europe? This is your chance. NMG is looking for streamers/casters. Then you are in the right place, we are willing to pay and present you as member of our team, check more info below.
Here are the some requirements you need to have :
-At least 18 years old
-Good stream quality
-Fluency in English or Croatian
-At least few months of experience

Pluses :
-Previous streaming experience
-Passion for gaming and in-depth knowledge of League of Legends

What do you get from us:
-You became a member of our team
-Twitch channel for streaming
-Fans to your fan base
-Place on our website and forum
-Products,shirts...as a member of team

If you founded yourself in this, sent us your application to this email and we will reply you soon.
Email: support@nevermore-gaming.com

We are looking forward to work together!

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